tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)

tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)

name:  hannah
age: 15 years old
sexuality: straight
relationship status: single
eye color: brown
height: 5’1”

favorite season? autumn
favorite movie/s?: dead poets society, the breakfast club, sixteen candles, back to the future
favorite album?: x by ed sheeran, vampire weekend by vampire weekend, from under the cork tree by fall out boy, my best friend is you by kate nash 
favorite band?: vampire weekend
favorite quote?:  i dunno!!!! i have a lot
favorite shirt?: probably my red and white striped ralph lauren shirt

smoke?: no
drink?: no
write?: sometimes
play an instrument?: piano, guitar, ukulele


your favorite place: new york city

your favorite memory: taylor swift concert, august 3rd, 2013

your ideal partner: funny and attractive and can keep up a conversation and likes the same things i do and makes me feel good about myself
your bedroom: mostly pictures, a few taylor posters
yourself in three words: lovely, dorky kid



he said “Sup! :)”

so i texted the boy i like and i’m waiting for a text back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


taylorswift how I imagine you on Tumblr. 


taylorswift if you sold this on a shirt i would buy 20 not even joking

ICON CREDIT TO tayswizzle (:

Taylor Swift Behind The Scenes of Mine

me: can't memorize a single formula for school
me: knows all the lyrics to thug story by taylor swift

taylor swift: *stares at that fella over there with hella good hair* why don't you c'mon over baby we can shake, shake, shake
me: *stares at that fella over there with hella good hair* uh... um... nice you to meet... ah shit.. um *makes banshee noise and scurries away*